Adding Value Through Technology

Best in Class

Hanbury Group has a multi-vendor policy. this has two main benefits for our clients.

Hanbury Group has a diverse range of customers in terms of size, business sector and specific needs. No single vendor has the right product for every requirement.

This philosophy is repeated across our product portfolio, in terms of manufacturers we can offer both Mitel and Panasonic, Fixed connectivity is supplied from BT Openreach, Talk Talk Business, Vodafone, Virgin and mobile O2, Vodafone and EE.

This multi-vendor policy gives us a blended best in class range that allows us to design solutions with an open mind rather than being narrowed by the range of a single vendor so we can deliver a more appropriate solution.


Our multi-vendor policy delivers resilience. Particularly in the connected world of business, having multi-vendor provision is becoming more important. Having a single circuit into a building is risky in case the circuit fails, having a backup from the same vendor can help, but if the vendors core fails or there is an issue with there equipment in the local exchange. Having multiple circuits from multiple vendors mitigates that risk.